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Started by 3 brothers

Lovenature Organic is started by the brothers, Ivan, Frank and Dario Arrigazzi. The three brothers' passion for organic living started

as children while working at their father’s health stores.


In the '90s, he was a pioneer and had several very successful health stores in Spain, which allowed the young brothers to learn about holistic health and nutrition. 

From farmers to consumers

The Lovenature Organic brand sprung from the desire to use Lovenature Superfood’s direct link to farmers in order to make organic products more affordable and accessible into the market place with the mission of: 


“Making Quality Organic Living

Available to Everyone".

Founded in 2016

In 2016, the brothers founded Lovenature Superfoods Group, which specialises

in working directly with organic farmers worldwide - importing thousands of tons

of organic dried ingredients yearly,

directly from farmers. 


The group is based in Denmark with branches in the UK, Spain - and this 2021 - also in Indonesia and Uganda, where Lovenature

is building community farming projects. 

100% Compostable!

So the core focus of the Lovenature Organic product range is to bring ingredients to the market from Lovenature’s trusted farmers and producers, which is tested thoroughly and follow strict IFS standards.


The packaging is made using only 100% recyclable materials.

We hope you love the products!

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